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Why should you invest in your child or teenager with a personal trainer?
  1. The skills and information they learn will transfer directly into their adulthood.
  2. Creating a healthy and athletic lifestyle early will help them have one later.
  3. Some children and teenagers need motivation and accountability.
  4. Learning to be better in a certain sport will give them a purpose to stay fit.
  5. Many teenagers who focus on one sport play in college and may receive scholarships.
  6. Hanging out in an athletic environment is a productive and safe place to be.
  7. An A+ Trainer is a positive influence that encourages healthy eating and living.
A+ is designed to match your child or teenager with the right trainer for your son or daughter. We have both male and female trainers who specialize in a wide variety of sports. The sessions usually take place outdoors and may include speed, agility, jumping, and power training. Some tools that are often used by the trainer include ladder work, jump rope, medicine ball, stairs and other crosstraining methods. In addition, weight training, nutrition, periodization, and flexibility are introduced. By covering all the bases in terms of strength and conditioning, your teenager will experience a challenging, yet fun way to get in shape. If your child or teen does not desire to compete in a sport, then the experience of trying various activities will not only act as a crosstraining method to achieve results quickly, but also a means to keeping them interested. Additional activities include karate, track, cross country running, swimming, trampoline, biking, rollerblading, and any sport such as tennis or basketball.

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