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  • A+ Trainers offer scientifically sound training techniques. We pride ourselves in that we never offer the quick fix, which often includes diet manipulation and over-training. The A+ Fitness training program is based on the scientifically based training program called "Periodization". Periodization is simply moving through phases from a low intensity to a higher intensity as your fitness level improves. To learn more about our three phases, click on "Training Philosophy".

  • Educational Background. All A+ Trainers have either a degree in Exercise Science or a certification through a nationally recognized association such as the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) or the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).

  • Extended Education Program. A+ Trainers stay current on the latest topics in the health and fitness industry by attending classes and earning C.E.U.'s (Continuing Education Units). The information we receive is shared through your workouts and newsletters.

  • Variety. We have both male and female trainers to choose from. All A+ Trainers have a specialty. Some specialize in working with kids, while others specialize in working with adults or seniors. Let us know exactly what you are looking for in a trainer and we will find the right trainer for you!

  • Flexibility. We will work with your schedule and find a trainer who can meet with you when it is most convenient for you.

  • Accountability.  Staying accountable with an A+ Trainer enables you to be consistent.  Consistency is the key to getting results.  Every time you make an appointment with your trainer you are being pro-active with your fitness plan.  

  • Motivation.  It is very motivating to have a fitness professional guide you through a fun workout.  Some sessions may be outdoors or even in a commercial gym.  Experience how much fun and motivating it can be to receive proper instruction from a true fitness professional. 

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